3 types of people you definitely need in an escape room

3 types of people you definitely need in an escape room

Dr. Scott Nicholson’s name may be familiar from Escape Room World Championships. He was the one who designed the final escape room. It is no coincidence that he has been asked to give some insights on personas needed for a successful escape game, as he studies and develops games and escape rooms with scientific thoroughness - all of which he also teaches at university. Professor of Game Design and Development - this is his exact title of Wilfrid Laurier University. So, if someone is, he knows escape games. That’s why we wanted to give you some of his insights about what types of players are needed in an adventure like this.

3 people you need in escape rooms

In the professor’s view, a successful team must have three types of people present. He says, first of all, you need a person who is really good at doing research. Most of the time it is younger generations that are excellent when it comes to such tasks as they see the world with a more open eye.

The second person you need is a true leader who knows everyone in the room or has really good management and leadership skills. In rooms, you usually have to deal with several tasks at once, so you need someone who understands, sees, and prioritizes them as a whole. He directs communication between members and coordinates tasks.

The third type should be good at puzzles. That person should be able to see the tiny details and the big picture at the same time. In any given escape room you meet lots of puzzles, that is why you need someone who can actually solve them quickly. Do not forget, you have only one hour to get out!

The ideal number of people in an escape room

Of course, for this reason, it is not obligatory to start an escape game strictly with 3 people, as the tasks can be mixed, in addition, each task can be solved on the basis of several eyes seeing more.

Rather, the number of participants has physical and communication limitations. It is worth playing at most with a company of a size in which the communication between the team members is still going smoothly. The size of this is usually indicated by the escape room operators. Or we can take Jeff Bezos ’Amazon leader’s“ pizza rule ”as a basis. That means a team should live well with two pizzas. And a team that needs more than that is already too big.

It’s worth choosing an escape room based on the number of players: with fewer players, easier escape rooms are recommended, while a larger team can run a more difficult room in hopes of success.

As you may have heard, we are opening our gates and escape rooms to the public again, feel free to contact us and ask any question you may have about our reopening!


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