5 more tips to successfully get out of an escape room

5 more tips to successfully get out of an escape room

In our previous article, we gave some useful tips that come in handy if you are in an escape room. So here are 5 more tips for a successful escape game experience!

Objects in order

Finding everything in a room is often synonymous with disorder. However, things you found should not be lying around everywhere. The best method would be putting all objects that have been used already in one place, all unused ones to another.

And it's a system that works! As long as you are careful before throwing an object in the garbage. Make sure there isn't a second item hidden in the first. If an object separates into several parts, check each part carefully before discarding it. And, of course, when in doubt about an item, if no one remembers having used it before, it is better to keep it among the unused items rather than to put it aside and forget its existence for good.

If stuck, ask for help

Escape room hosts are great people who are there for your entertainment. Their goal is for you to have a good time. They may have locked you in a room, but they aren't sadistic about it. Sometimes it can happen that you haven't advanced in 15 minutes, get really stuck, and it gets frustrating for everyone. If nothing happens, it is better to speak directly to the host outside the room. Stop worrying and get back to work efficiently. Often the most experienced players also ask for help, do not be shy!

Know the difference between clues and decoration

Not everything is a clue and many objects are only there to look pretty. Or because it is normal that they are there. If you stumble upon a pair of boots, the number on the bottom of the shoe is not a hidden clue that is part of a top-secret code that you will be asked at the end of the game. No. It’s just the shoe size. On the other hand, a Roman numeral is written in yellow under the heel, it becomes a little more suspicious already.

It may be interesting for your team to determine early enough how much clues are hidden and how they fit into the narrative. Many escape games build their game design around the story they are trying to tell. Quickly understanding whether you're more in a puzzle room or a story room can help you confuse clues for background elements more quickly.

Keep the time in mind, but don’t rush

Most often you have an hour to find the exit. It may seem like a long time, but in reality, it goes extremely quickly. You should therefore be able to keep an eye on the watch without putting pressure on you. Although, in general, the host will come to your rescue if you start to be behind schedule. For example, do not start solving a riddle until you have finished reading it, you might end up losing time because you have to get back to the beginning of it. So stay focused at all times, including when you are late.

Pay attention to the disappearing clues

In an escape game, most of the clues that help you move forward are material objects that you can consult at any time. Pieces of paper, keys, various and varied objects, etc. However, be careful because some information is not permanent. In some rooms, you may be asked for something that just seemed to be part of the narration during an audio announcement, for example. It could be a year, a name, a place ... Do not be surprised if you realize that the code of a padlock is in fact the date of birth of one of the characters whose you possibly spoke in the hall's introductory monologue.

If by any chance the escape game provides you with something to take notes with, keep a corner of the sheet to write down some remarkable information that you might find useful later.

We hope you found our tips useful and when possible, you will be able to put them into action in one of the greatest escape rooms in Manchester!


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