5 tips to successfully get out of an escape room

5 tips to successfully get out of an escape room

Given the time limit, it is a rather challenging task to get out of an escape room. That is why we thought of giving you some tips that might help you, especially if you are new to the escape room universe.

Eat, sleep, bathroom

Do not go on an empty stomach. It is especially the brain that is involved in the game, you need a little sugar to make it work properly. Likewise, don't go there tired or sleep-deprived. It may not really be a physical ordeal, the pressure for an hour puts a strain on the body. And of course, remember to go to the bathroom first.


It is sort of self-explanatory to do so and every escape room host or webpage highlights the importance of communication. Since it is key for success, we couldn’t miss it either. Whatever idea you have, whatever clue you see, whatever you have found, share with your team members. They might have overseen a code on the wall, a hidden padlock to open etc. In case you are solving a riddle or trying to open a box, let your team know what information you need, so if they see it they can tell you. Effective communication is really key since you only have 60 minutes and members need to work together.

Do not get stuck on one puzzle

There is no point in racking your brains too much over the same puzzle for 10 minutes. If you can't do it, there are only two possible solutions:

  • Go get the item you're missing.
  • Pass it to someone else who can solve it faster than you.

Either way, move on. Make it clear that you were unsuccessful and eventually pass the baton to someone else. When it comes time to temporarily drop a puzzle, watch it carefully, and try to figure out what you are missing. You might then stumble upon the item you are missing later and immediately know where you could use it.

It is okay if you miss parts of the escape room

An escape room is not a book or a movie. You are not going and will not be able to do and see everything. Accept the fact that your friends can get things done in their own corner without you being associated with it. Most escape games only have one GM take care of one team at a time. The goal is obviously to give you relevant clues, but also to give you a personalized debrief at the end. So while resolving the room, do everything to get out and don't be distracted by your curiosity.

Don’t trust anyone exploring the escape room

Searching is a huge part of solving a room and everyone has to go through it because it's the first thing you do when you enter it. Except that it's extremely easy to miss a key taped under a drawer or a double bottom in a box. So when someone tells you that they've looked all over the cupboard and it's okay there's nothing left, congratulate them before you go rummage in the cupboard. Along with communication, this is perhaps the most important factor in the success of a team. This simple little rule should save you a lot of hassle. And besides, don't be shy when searching. As long as you don't break anything and follow the instructions, anything goes. So, take out the drawers, remove the cushions from the couches, roll up the rugs. Do it right.

We hope you will bear our tips in mind when we can finally reopen and have you here for an amazing, yet challenging experience in one of the best escape rooms in Manchester. In the meantime make sure you have checked out our online escape game that you can play at home or on zoom with your friends and/or family.


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