Are you afraid of escape rooms? You shouldn't be!

Are you afraid of escape rooms? You shouldn't be!

There have been a lot of teams visiting us in recent years and we like to have a chat with players before and after the game. We are very pleased to see that the escape rooms of Code to Exit are fantastic experiences for players who are coming with fears, but let us also see what are the things most people are afraid of, especially before their very first game!

Being locked in a room

Given a situation, given a task, and a space that can’t be left at any time. Frustrating, right? There are people who go to an escape room just to experience this adrenaline-boosting experience. However, there are also individuals for whom all this causes anxiety. The solution to this lies within the gamemaster who can relate to such a situation: They can provide information that provides reassurance to a claustrophobic person.

Horror factor

The preview image of an escape room is usually a dangerous, cold and dark cellar with dirt and anything can pop up behind the next door. Well, that’s usually only the case in escape room movies. Most places are very neat, and that includes places where the shiver factor is a key element in the game. Of course, there are those who do not like to be afraid at all and do not understand what is good in it. The solution is to find out about the main information about the room you are about to book. Websites usually describe the themes of the game, and you can also find what age group they are recommended for.

Escape rooms are too difficult

There is an image in many people. They are in a particular room, and the first clues which can lead to escape are hard to find. Or if they find the first clues, people are afraid of not knowing where to go next. Many people are afraid of failure, so they prefer to avoid new, challenging situations. The solution is to figure out the difficulty level of the escape room. Based on this, you can decide which is the most challenging for you. Or, of course, there is a possibility to ask for help during the game everywhere. It may be a good idea if you haven’t been to an escape game yet, if you invite an acquaintance who has already been there, who already has experience, and so you can form a more striking team together.

What if I don’t get out?

Everyone asks the question: What happens if I don’t get out? Will I stay here forever? Or do workers laugh? Or am I going to be put on some wall of shame then?

No one is forgotten inside the room after time runs out. Although an exit within 60 minutes cannot be guaranteed for sure, every place strives to ensure that the team leaves with a good experience. It’s not at all bad if you can’t get out on time, since this is a game, the point is to relax with your friends!

Can I ask for help?

There are people for whom this is simply difficult terrain because they are used to having to solve everything on their own. They subconsciously fear that if they ask for help, their abilities will be questioned. They are afraid of what others think of them if they ask for help anyway. Moreover, there are teams who state outright before the game that while they know there’s a chance to ask for help, they either come out without asking for help or get stuck inside.

It is important to be aware that there are things in life that simply cannot be solved alone. A minimum of two people is also required to complete escape rooms. There are specifically cooperative games where two or more people need to work together. You’re in a new situation, it’s okay to ask for a little help sometimes. What you may want to consider is how much time has passed and how many puzzles are still to be solved. Help you ask for in time can be worth gold, but obviously, if you get out without help, there is a greater sense of success.


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