Back to school with Code to Exit

Back to school with Code to Exit

There is only one month left from this summer and your mind is probably still all about vacations, relaxing and enjoying long summer days. However, nights will soon get noticeably longer and it means one thing: autumn is just around the corner and soon students are back to school. However, there is no need to worry, going back to school does not necessarily have to mean something terrible! There are endless possibilities to a student's life and we are offering you one. Right, you probably guessed it already, it’s a visit or more to our escape rooms in Manchester We also have two reasons on why you should do so!

Student discount

Probably for students the most important reason to come and try out one or more of our escape rooms is being on a budget. Luckily, we have an offer for students, we are offering you a 10% discount off the booking price if you have at least one member of the team with a valid student card. Simply use the STUDY discount code when checking out and show us your student card when we meet in person!

Prepares you to go back to school

Escape room tasks develop precisely those skills in students that receive less attention in traditional education. Problem-solving skills, cooperation, and social competencies are often relegated to the background in classrooms. Therefore, it is definitely a good idea to smuggle out-of-play games into the curriculum.

Maybe there isn’t even an area of ​​life or a profession where there would be no need for communication. In fact, multifaceted communication is what makes a person human and helps us to create a culture, a civilization. It doesn't matter what you do, you will need communication. In the escape room, it is very important that you discuss your ideas with each other so that this essential skill will also develop.

Escape rooms can also change the way you think. One basically thinks in schemas. These learned patterns of thinking help us not to have to think long before making any small decisions. In some situations, however, you have to pull something completely different out of your hat and shake off your thinking templates. This is when the skill of approaching a problem from a completely different, unusual perspective comes in handy. All the inventions that just come to mind were born with someone thinking with a unique approach, out of the box. In an escape room, you will probably encounter challenges and difficulties you have not thought of before, and you can train this skill and benefit from it later on in every stage of your life.

All in all, escape rooms are not only a good and fun experience, but the skills you learn there can help you out a lot in your life. So, what is holding you back from booking?

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