Can solving riddles rejuvenate your brain?

Can solving riddles rejuvenate your brain?

Ever since we have been on this planet we have been looking for the secret of eternal youth. There hasn’t been any solution to look like a teenager again, however, researchers claim that riddles can rejuvenate the brain for up to 10 years.

A study conducted jointly by the University of Exeter in the UK and King’s College London looked at thousands of people over the age of 50. The results showed that those who like to solve puzzles and riddles have faster brain function and better memory. Professor Keith Wesnes, one of the authors of the study, who passed away this year, concluded that puzzle-solving is certainly related to cognitive functions - as it increases blood flow in certain areas of the brain and can rejuvenate our brains by up to 10 years.

Although this finding of the study has been disputed by several researchers, they all agree that those who regularly complete crossword puzzles have much better concentration, reasoning, and memory.

What happens in our brain when we solve riddles?

One of the most obvious benefits of such a brain workout is the experience of success and the happiness we can achieve. In addition, it is strongest when you manage to deep dive into the most difficult tasks and solve them. Something like this is also determined by the flow experience, the joy of being able to completely concentrate on a task by excluding the outside world.

In addition, by excluding the outside world we can also reduce stress, because at least during that period, our thoughts are not focusing on the problems of everyday life. Stress reduction has a lot of beneficial contributions that we have heard a lot from doctors, personal trainers, coaches: reduced blood pressure, normalized respiratory rates, improved cognitive abilities, and the chances of developing a lot of diseases are reduced. It is also interesting that when we play with for example crossword puzzles, our vocabulary and verbal skills also develop.

What happens in an escape room?

While traditional riddles usually work on the rational, left hemisphere of our brain, escape rooms develop our creative problem-solving skills as well, thereby also moving the right hemisphere of the brain. So if you’re planning to give your brain a complete workout and be smarter, stay younger, do not hesitate to book a room for yourself. Speaking of, it is the best time to book a room, since we have an escape room discount code that you can book with until the 17th of May! Do not miss your chance and book your favourite escape room until you can!


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