Challenge your loved ones and visit us for a family escape room experience!

Challenge your loved ones and visit us for a family escape room experience!

Escape Rooms are themed, team games where you have to complete a mission through logical puzzles - whether it's to kidnap the world's largest diamond or stop the destructive Matrix virus. They are like a live board game. Escape rooms are quite common in England, just like Code to Exit, which offers recreation for everyone who wants to have fun, that is why people also like the concept of a family escape room!

Family escape room

While at first, we might think that escape games are mostly attended by young groups of friends, that’s not quite the case - it is great fun for families too. Escape room tasks required to get out are very diverse - they need logic, spatial vision, good observation, and creativity. Because of this, parent and child can complement each other perfectly, as children often notice things that adults may distract or just interpret differently.

In addition, it is important to be able to learn from these fun puzzles. Although it is possible that mathematics is not exactly a favorite subject in school, in such a playful form, the little ones get a feel for it. Furthermore, it may be that this reveals what area our child is really interested in - be it art or electronics. A getaway in an family escape room is a truly lasting experience.

Kids and curiosity

What can be the success of escape rooms, why would you even be interested in children who are very difficult to tie up with anything? One of the main reasons is childish curiosity. If we know that there is a hidden door somewhere behind which there is a treasure, or that the code of the key that opens the safe is hidden in a hidden small drawer, we are immediately excited to find the treasure. This is especially true for children. They like to map the things around them, get to know the world, understand how things work. For this reason, detective games, among others, are especially popular. Of course, it’s best to crave this kind of fun by visiting an escape room. At Code to Exit, you have the opportunity to test yourselves as a family in an exit game. On top of that, we have an escape room discount code for NHS card holders, birthday parties, and students as well!

The point is to have fun

Whatever family decides ultimately what the program should be, the point is to have fun and spend enough time with our loved ones. Overall, the escape room is a great place to relax for everyone; recommended useful toy for children. If you have decided to immerse yourself in an exciting game, it is worth visiting the escape rooms of Code to Exit in, where we can train our brains with cunning puzzles in a demanding environment.

What to do until we reopen?

If you have a little time and creativity, it’s within easy limits, of course, but you can create your little escape room at home and prepare your children for the experience once we can have you all here in one of our rooms. You can also book well in advance, or think ahead and surprise someone with a voucher that is valid for a whole year! Make sure to check out probably the best escape room in Manchester !


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