Create Your Own Escape Game

Create Your Own Escape Game

Family Entertainment During and After the Lockdown: A Few Tips from our Manchester Escape Room

If you are a parent, you might be running out of ideas on how to keep the kids entertained. Even though you can go outside, not all of us are lucky enough to live in the countryside. This blog post is inspired by one of our escape room clients who contacted us about keeping the kids busy and having fun during lockdown. 

The Story Behind the Idea of Offering Home Entertainment for Families

One of our clients visited our Manchester Escape Room, Code to Exit twice in the couple of months before the lockdown. They really enjoyed our Forger and Dark Ages rooms to solve the puzzles and create special memories with their kids. Our client loved working together to find the best escape room and take part in a special time travel experience, too. There’s just something special about becoming a superhero for an hour or two.

The Unforgettable Experience of Our Escape Rooms

Our customers can experience becoming King Arthur in the Dark Ages room and finding the Holy Grail, sitting around the round table with the knights and - of course being the one who frees the Excalibur. 

In the Forger room, you can become the superhero who catches a conman, the white-collar criminal. You can find the original painting and solve the crime of the century, involving an artful deception of forgery. 

Our New Room and The Lockdown

Our client wanted to come to try our new room: “The Endless Energy” that launched just before the pandemic, to treat their daughter for their birthday. 

Unfortunately, Covid-19 happened, and the escape room birthday party got cancelled. This was a turn that even we couldn’t see. 

As we had to close our Code to Exit escape room, the birthday plans went out of the window for the family, just like other groups who booked an experience with us ahead. 

Our client was disappointed, of course, and she contacted us to give her a few tips on how to recreate the escape room experience at home. Although we had a few tips, we started brainstorming immediately. We sent a reply. 

DIY Escape Room Idea to Try at Home 

After a couple of days, we got another email thanking us for the game we created for home, and this made us want to help others deal with the lockdown better. We decided to give away the home escape room experience. It is a DIY version of a room you can enjoy with your family members. 

Would you like to get your hands on the game? Download the instructions here.


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