Escape game - the ultimate team building activity!

Escape game - the ultimate team building activity!

A good mood within a company is essential. Not only the quality of the time spent in the workplace but also the efficiency of the work, it is extremely important to have a good atmosphere within the team.

It is a common way to raise corporate morale in various team-building tasks and events - we will now show you the best and most enjoyable way! Escape rooms have more than ten years of development behind them, and what initially started as a simple game has now become much more. The experience of teamwork, logical puzzles and joint problem solving have a beneficial effect on any group - not to mention corporate team building!

Escape room - not a conventional team building activity

Escape rooms indicate not only experience and memories, but also favorable group processes, so the nature of the game quickly infiltrated the world of companies as well. They realized that managing tasks and working together is a great way to improve team communication. If we look at gameplay and compare it to one of the popular approaches to developing group dynamics, Sensitivity Training, we find a huge match: the method focuses on the current processes in the group and the processes that take place in the individual to allow participants to evaluate themselves and their own behavior. In an escape room, players need to be aware of both their own and the group’s shared competencies in order to find the best possible solution. The emphasis in both training and play is on individual experience and behavioral processes. So in this line-up, during group work, we are enriched with important experiences not only about the group itself but also about the individual - and on top of that, we even have fun!

Team building often isn’t necessarily the most enjoyable pastime in a company’s life: weird tension, repetitive training tasks to boredom. Fortunately, this does not necessarily have to be the case: the tasks of an escape room are perfect not only for the experience but also for team building - tasks repeated to boredom during team building training appear here for a similar purpose, but in an enjoyable form, as a memorable adventure, and experiences linked to having fun are much more likely to be remembered than guidelines conveyed by mere dry facts.

What are the benefits of an escape room team building experience?

Rapid trust-building is the main goal of team building programs, as each team works best together when group trust is as high as possible. This has long been attempted with loss of confidence and unnecessarily personal tasks, but fortunately, this is just a thing of the past: what you really need in a team is mutual trust in the work invested.

The end result of a game in terms of team building is not only whether the task succeeds or not, but the reinforcement of the feeling that if we win, we win together, but if we lose we also lose together. After all, in the life of a company, be it a presentation, strategic planning or a customer relationship discussion, the end result is common. With a successful or unsuccessful outcome, but together. This group feeling is what builds trust the most, and the team feels like a team!If pleasant is connected to useful, it is the best possible lineup. Such an experience is what really seeps into the collective memory and it is these experiences that also facilitate workplace processes. Especially if you are then crowned with a nice dinner and some memorable drinks. A memory of common problem solving, effective communication, and a sense of belonging: this is what builds the team the best!

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