Escape room date for couples

Escape room date for couples

Hearing the word escape room reminds many of danger and claustrophobic confinement. Although it’s a really meaningful pastime, and in most cases not at all scary. You immerse yourself in the game forgetting everyday problems, and you can focus on the present with the help of the puzzles inside. But how will you and your partner be able to thrive in an escape room date?

Escape room date for two

Escape rooms are basically designed to require a minimum of two people to successfully complete a given mission. The big advantage of escape room dates is that all gaming and success experiences are shared between the two participants and you can more easily keep track of events. No one misses a single padlock opening! Of course, success also requires that you two work well together.

We are not claiming that every date like this carries a fairy tale ending, but there’s no doubt that a lot can be learned about each other during the game. What does your partner behave? How patient are they? How persistent? How do you manage stress? How do you communicate? What are the things you are good at? These are factors that can determine somewhere how certain two people can work in a relationship.

The ideal icebreaker

Do you often run out of things to say during your date? A first date can bring out all kinds of feelings, and sometimes not the best ones. Stress and anxiety can block you to really show your best side and have a meaningful conversation. The last thing you want to do is asking the typical, boring questions you both heard and answered a million times. Or worse, your brain freezes and you just cannot think of anything to say. Wouldn’t it be better to break the ice with “you start with that part of the room, I’ll do this one”, or “I found a key”? An escape room gives you the possibility to interact without the awkwardness of a conversation of two strangers over a drink. Because in order to escape you have to communicate. Yet often you must remain silent to solve puzzles, there is no awkward silence in an escape room. Also, by entering an escape room, you already have something in common! Firstly the interest in these amazing games, and secondly, your mutual goal to escape under 60 minutes. What is also great about escape room dates is that you will have a lot to talk about after escaping. We bet that the great feeling of accomplishment will also result in a second date!

What happens if you do not escape on time?

To be fair, nothing. In case you do not manage to escape does not necessarily mean that you do not work out as a couple, it can simply mean that you need more practice together. As we said before, in the 60 minutes inside you can really learn a lot about each other, and in case you did not impress each other, you do not have to think of an excuse to bail out from your date. In any case, an escape room date will show that you are an adventurous, exciting person and the date will not be forgotten, for sure!


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