How to succeed in an escape game?

How to succeed in an escape game?

Here is an essential question to ask yourself before embarking on such an adventure! If you are planning to take part in an escape game, discover our tips for a successful and magical experience.

What are the origins?

Escape game tip: the basics

An escape game is more and more popular among people who want an extraordinary experience. But before diving into this adventure, here's how to organize yourself to optimize your chances of success:

Search and search everywhere: once in the room, leave nothing to chance. Lift each object, analyze the walls, move whatever you can. By rummaging around, you'll have a much better chance of finding clues essential to solving your puzzles. And if your playing partners have already searched a place, go back behind. Sometimes it takes several inspections to find something.

Communicate: During the game, interact with each other and communicate to your team everything you have found.

Organize yourself: If you've used items, set them aside. And group together all already found objects in one place. This organization will allow the other members of your team to progress and see more clearly. During the game, do not hesitate to divide the tasks between you: there is no point in all being on the same puzzle. Just ask for help if you get stuck.

Stay calm: an escape game lasts one hour. 60 minutes go by very quickly. So you have to stay focused and keep your cool so as not to get overwhelmed by pressure and stress. Also tell yourself that the sets, objects and lighting are there to destabilize you. So stay calm.

How to succeed: tips for getting organized

Are you ready to embark on an escape game? Once in the room, the goal will be to look for as many clues as possible to get out and unravel the mysteries of this escape game. For that, we must therefore search constantly. Flip, lift, move, push whatever you can, so nothing escapes you. Also communicate with each other once you have found a clue or found a riddle.

During an escape game, the goal is to cooperate, help each other and evolve together. Also write down any items or codes you find. Above all, remember that an escape game has a limited time. So you don't have to waste time and move forward as quickly as possible to succeed in your escape game in an hour.

All you have to do is book and get ready for the Manchester escape game experience. Live an incredible adventure with your family or friends!


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