Left and right brain in escape rooms

Left and right brain in escape rooms

Brain researchers have found decades ago that our right and left hemispheres specialize in different functions. The right hemisphere is responsible for creative thinking and the left is responsible for logical thinking. In an escape game, we need both at the same time, so we work both halves of our brains in order to get out. Let’s see how that works!

Right hemisphere

The right hemisphere is responsible for our emotions, creativity, and intuition. Typically, musicians, artists are the ones who use this area of their brain more. This will help you come up with new ideas in the game, one of which will definitely be the way to get out.

In addition to creativity, the right hemisphere explores broader connections. It reads between the lines. It is very useful when you need to combine seemingly independent clues, objects and notice how they are connected to each other.

The spatial vision here will also come in handy because it helps not only orientation but also the abstract combination of spatial elements.

Left hemisphere

The left hemisphere is a rational part of our brain. Without it, we would hardly have a chance to succeed in overcoming the obstacles we face in this fundamentally logical game.

The left half of our brain is the one that can discover the little details and keeps spinning like a computer. Our inner clock is also ticking here, which will be of great help to us in the fight over time.

We also use the left part of our brain to communicate, which is essential to successfully solve the escape room tasks that lie ahead with our teammates.

Using both hemispheres in an escape room

We can make the best use of our brains by exploiting the abilities of both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Just think about it: you wouldn’t go anywhere in life with creativity without a strategy, or with logic without ideas. This is especially true for escape room puzzles that can perfectly match not only the participating players but also the two halves of our brains.

Do you want to put both hemispheres to a test? Book an escape room or play the online version and see how that works!


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