Let's get back to offline corporate team building!

Let's get back to offline corporate team building!

You may probably know already, but if you don’t, we are happy to tell you that based on the reopening roadmap we are open again! Finally, the time has come for us not only to host groups of friends and families who are retraining themselves after a long period out of escape rooms, but also to host colleagues for an amazing and fun corporate team building program. All this in our escape room Manchester has been waiting for!

Corporate team building - just like in films

For some reason corporate team building events have a slightly negative connotation. Probably due to lack of creativity, hearing the term either makes us think of a pint in a bar with colleagues, or typical games we have all played before, which are supposed to help our teamwork making the dream work. But team building in an escape room offers a different perspective.

Imagine the conference room in the office, but this time, it is filled with papers, some of them are falling off the table. As you enter the room, you see your colleagues running all over the place, as if they were looking for something. Some of them are looking at a computer screen that is only showing error codes, each of them taking turns to figure out a code to access the system. Others are looking at complicated mathematical graphs, while the rest of your team is looking at the news, seeing power outages in every major and minor city of the world. You arrive and engage in the work, asking questions about what needs to be done. One of your colleagues tells you that you have approximately one hour to find the energy, unless you do not want the entire world to collapse.

And now imagine, that instead of saving the world, you go for a couple of rounds of bowling or a dinner with your colleagues. Which option would you choose?

Effectiveness improved by playing

As mentioned above, by choosing any of the services of Code to Exit, you could be the actors of a created, fantasy world in which you have to complete a mission, of course, in a given time. During the quests, you have to solve logical, associative, and dexterity tasks, following the thread of each story.

You can choose from our permanent programs whose appearance and story are tailored to you. Because each task can only be accomplished by colleagues if members share information with each other and work together with sufficient efficiency, the effectiveness of teamwork and communication within the team will improve almost imperceptibly for participants.

And during the program, we not only make it possible for you to observe the group roles and their development in different situations, but we also help you to learn from each situation. We would be happy to discuss how the game evolved, what could be improved and how in order to really engage in the team building experience and your colleagues and the company can benefit from our feedback


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