Print & Cut & Play at home! - The online escape room

Print & Cut & Play at home! - The online escape room

Having fun remotely is definitely different than in person, accomplishing something over Zoom can be challenging as well. Today we are sharing our tips for a successful online escape room experience with friends, family, or colleagues using our new print-at-home escape game, Print & Cut & Play at home!

You might wonder if it is even possible to have an escape room game at home, especially with a team online, but be assured, it is! You print and cut the puzzles at home, you set up a meeting and you play together on our online gaming platform. You do not have a printer? No worries! You can get the pre-printed version delivered to your door as well!

Things you will need

  • The printouts of Print & Cut & Play at home! for each member of the team
  • Scissors to cut each part
  • Access to the our online interface
  • Your go-to video conferencing platform (we recommend Zoom)
  • Snacks and something to drink

Organise your team for the escape game

Firstly you should set a date when everyone is available. Be aware it might take a couple of days to print the game or get it by post. Cutting the printouts should not take more than 10-15 minutes.

Then you should place your order here. You will get the files and an access code by mail that will allow you to start the game. Make sure you all have the game in your hands cut out when you start playing.

Finally, start escaping and enjoy the game! Make sure you have some snacks and drinks with you while playing! Normally we give teams 60 minutes to complete the game, but one benefit of the online game is that you can take your time! The point here is to have fun, not to rush the game.

How to advance through the online escape room?

The team is supposed to discuss the puzzles together and figure out a potential solution with the help of the printed puzzles each player has on hand. Make sure you communicate with the team and share your thoughts on the solution. For the audio files, we suggest muting your microphone and listen to it individually.

Surely, this year has shown us that many things, including having fun can be done online. It is a different experience, but do not let lockdown and restrictions stop you from spending quality time with your loved ones. We are sure your Christmas party this year will be memorable of the print-at-home, online escape game experience.

Do you think you could escape? Reach out and let us know how the game went!


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