The Escape Room Party that Makes Me Smile

The Escape Room Party that Makes Me Smile

I started the day this morning at the office to check the bookings for the day ahead in our Manchester escape room. I like knowing which room will have players and whether or not the players used a special code for booking.

On our site, you can get different offers to play and have fun: NHS, STUDY, and “PARTY”. Find out more about our discount codes here.

Discount Bookings at CodeToExit Manchester Escape Room

My favourite offer code is “PARTY” as it makes me think that it is a family event when a special birthday is being celebrated. This is the case in 90 percent of the cases. I get super excited when I come across the code “PARTY” when looking through the bookings. Let me explain why escape room parties make me smile..


Three Generations Playing Together

Every parent loves looking at their child play and feeling happy. An escape room is the perfect place to take a break from technology and think and play together. Our three breakout rooms in Manchester are designed to keep every generation engaged; from primary school kids to grandparents.

I love seeing multi-generation teams play together as you can observe that they all think differently and work brilliantly on solving the puzzles. Their approach is unique. Kids love searching for clues, opening books and trying keys, on the quest for a solution. Parents will focus on the brain work and think outside the box. Grandparents are more careful and will weigh their options. This often leads to the answer that is not always that obvious.

It also warms our hearts to see how parents lead kids to the solution and give them the satisfaction to feel accomplished instead of solving the puzzle alone.

An escape room is not only a great way of entertaining the family, but can also be used to develop kids’ creativity and problem solving skills. Not to mention that they get a break from the screen; something that most parents find challenging to do. Even if it is just an hour away from the phone and video games, kids will remember the time they had for much longer than you would imagine.


Friendship Groups ad Classmates

Another of my favourite escape room parties is the one when kids and young adults arrive with their best friends and their classmates. You can hear them from far away when they arrive, and they are super excited to play together. Of course, there is an adult accompanying younger players in the rooms for safety and to help them in case something is too high up for them, for example. Kids feel free and relaxed, and their true nature and skills come out. Of course, they will get competitive and will try to beat each other finding the clues or opening the locks. I always get the feeling: “how great it would be to play as carefree as kids do. Of course, “big kids” can get lost in the puzzles, too, but we will talk about that aspect of escape rooms later.

Learn Something New Every Day

Our younger players often come across objects they had never seen before, in real life. I have a favourite story to tell about this experience. We had a birthday party at our Manchester escape room and only grown ups were playing. The challenge was to open a suitcase with a number combination lock on top, one of our first rooms. The players successfully solved the puzzle, but found it hard to open the suitcase, after the lock was set for the right combination. What did we do next?

The players were confused; they got the numbers right, but the suitcase didn’t open. We sent a “magic line” through the speakers that let them know that the numbers were right, they just had to pull the latches to the side instead of pressing it. Of course, this was a great learning experience and a story to tell for a long time. One of the players exclaimed: “I learn something new every day!”

All Is Well If It Ends Well…

The above three stories show the different age groups our Manchester escape room can keep entertained. We had teams with grown ups and kids, groups of teenagers, and schoolmates. What made all the stories similar is that they celebrated their special dates or birthdays at our breakout rooms and in the end everyone was full of energy and joy. Including me. That’s why I always smile when I see “PARTY” on the booking form.

Get your “PARTY” booked and see what makes CodeToExit Escape Rooms special.


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