The future of escape games - virtual escape rooms

The future of escape games - virtual escape rooms

Escape games are still very popular, even though it’s been a long time we could actually escape from a real room. The enthusiasm of the players is not surprising: teamwork, shivering, adrenaline splattering, a sense of success - in the imaginary worlds, everything is given that is we miss from our everyday life, especially nowadays. But we asked ourselves, Is there still room for improvement? How can the escape room experience be better? Is it really an indefatigable genre? Most probably the future will be all about virtual escape rooms. Let’s see why!

Game settings in a virtual world

Escape rooms could finally be completed with certain pre-existing stories. Or, it can also meet with fantasy worlds in the future. The basis of the escape rooms was largely born from computer games, but advances in technology have made it possible to create more complex solutions.

In the future, different computer worlds may be able to intertwine. In the future, the escape game may not necessarily be played in a room but in a virtual space. It can also happen that we are not personally involved in the game, our avatar or online role-playing character sits down at a Poker online table, or spends our virtual currency leaning against a virtual bar counter. Thus, the Internet space can provide a much more complex experience, with a much greater passage between the individual parts.

Entertainment and learning

There are many things needed to make an escape room a success. One of the most important of these is the right atmosphere. Gamemasters soon realized that in order for an occasion to be a lasting experience, players needed to immerse themselves perfectly in the story. This requires clever tricks to get the contestants to harness both their imagination and their acting talent. However, there is no scenario here, the tasks are real, it’s easy to identify with the role.

This advantage is being used by more and more people not just to entertain. The method of escape rooms is beginning to claim a place in the teaching of social sciences, among other things. It is also easier to understand the motivations of an era, the connections of real events if we immerse ourselves in the place of the real stakeholders. Escape games, therefore, have a very special place in education - especially when it comes to adults who have a harder time getting to know points of view other than their own.

Virtual escape rooms - just like it started

This means escape rooms can return to where they started: computer games. At the same time, however, these virtual escape rooms will increasingly have a teaching function. So quality experiences are likely to receive support on a regular basis as well - which means almost nothing is in the way of providing the best possible experience for players.

The spread of VR games is now unstoppable. So we don’t have to wait long to discover an online furnished space from our own living room, with the help of our distant friends, but cooperatively.

Escape rooms are evolving rapidly. And the direction of this evolution is likely to be determined by social goals and technological background. The return of these games to the digital world does not necessarily make them impersonal: the importance of collaboration and personal interactions are expected to remain part of the escape room experience for a long time to come.


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