The science behind escape rooms

The science behind escape rooms

You may not have thought so, but escape rooms were not just born out of the blue. They also have a fairly serious scientific background to the processes that take place in them. It is actually the flow theory that goes on behind the scenes during an escape game.

The flow experience

Flow is a state in which one is fully immersed in the activity that one is doing. The time, the world disappears. In this state, people perform well, but do not strain, as if they were carried by a current, hence the name of the theory. In such cases, the person is very focused, efficient, and feels that he is in control. So you don’t get frustrated even if the work is tiring and takes up a lot of energy, you just do it and enjoy it. The experience can be triggered by basically any activity because the flow does not depend on the content, but rather on the quality of the activity. The most important task is to have a specific goal in front of us.

In addition, a well-known Hungarian psychologist, Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, a prize-winning professor, created the flow theory, which also works during a breakout game.

You give your best in your flow

According to the theory, a person gives the best performance when the outside world disappears for him by concentrating on his tasks and, moreover, this is when he is happiest. According to Csíkszentmihályi, his quality of life is also better. Such people also find joy in their work and that is why they are able to achieve better than average results. Best of all, it doesn’t even cost them much effort because they simply let the flow, the current, drift them.

Can you actually work happily?

People most often encounter tasks at their workplace, so they also have the best chance of experiencing the flow experience there. In general, childhood play, which can also be a very good flow experience, unfortunately pretty slowly wears out of our lives. If someone spends their free time passively, say in front of the TV, they also shut themselves off from the flow experience and are doomed to seek their happiness, at least this source of happiness, exclusively at work.

How does flow theory work in escape rooms?

Escape rooms offer a great opportunity to experience the flow experience because everything is given to them so that players can focus exclusively on the very specific task ahead. Escape rooms create a unique atmosphere that helps players leave themselves with everything else they are doing, leaving all other thoughts behind. It is rarely given, even at work, that someone can experience this immersive experience in a fleeting 60 minutes, even if they love what they do. And if you cannot experience the flow at work, it can be even more helpful to get out and play an escape game, it is almost as if you went to therapy. Moreover, the escape room gives a little more because it is an opportunity for one to experience the flow in a community.

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