Things to do in Manchester during the pandemic

Things to do in Manchester during the pandemic

It’s been more than a year since the WHO declared Covid-19 as a pandemic, most of us are working from home and it is getting harder and harder to keep ourselves occupied. We admit, it is really not easy when all events are cancelled, cinemas, gyms, museums and an endless list of facilities are closed. It was also extremely hard to close the doors of our escape room. But not everything is lost, there are still things we can do despite the current situation. So we thought of gathering some things to do in Manchester to keep you occupied.

Virtual Duck Dressing Competition

Are you looking for something to do together with your family? The annual duck race has been cancelled due to the pandemic, but this year you and your family can design and dress up your own duck online! The competition ends on the 5th of April, designing the family’s duck could be a fun activity to spice up this year’s Easter holiday.

Street art walking tour

We cannot observe pieces of art in the regular way as our favourite museums are closed, but luckily some artists chose another way of showcasing their talent. The Northern Quarter’s vibrant street art scene can change as quickly as street artists buy their new sprays, but the most remarkable murals can remain forever. There are organised walking tours to discover the hipster area flooded by art, but you can also just start walking from Piccadilly Gardens and discover the area for yourself. Watch out, art can be found in the most unexpected places too!

Online escape games

Soon enough we can open our doors again to the public, but until then you can train your brain with our games that you can play at home and test if you are ready for the real-life challenge! We have a couple of online escape room games, all you need to do is to gather your friends or family, get some snacks and drinks, cut out the pieces (if required) and you are ready to go and escape!



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