We finally reopened Code To Exit

We finally reopened Code To Exit

We finally reopened Code To Exit, the popular escape room game in Altrincham, Manchester. However, we have NO idea what’s in the safe…. 

The Withdrawal Symptoms

We had the most amazing weekend after a long 6-months of wait, due to the lockdown. We simply couldn’t wait to get started again and welcome players in our Manchester escape rooms. We missed the smiles and the teamwork, families working together to solve the puzzles, and the excitement. We almost felt like we were developing withdrawal symptoms. 

Back in March, nobody thought that our escape rooms would be closed for nearly six months. It was a long wait, but worth it. 

We Realised: People Love Playing

We tried to stay positive during the forced lockdown and kept in touch with customers who had to cancel or postpone their booking. We were in early, did all the cleaning and put the hygiene measures in place. We were not disappointed on the first Saturday, the 22nd of August; teams of family members and friends were ready to jump straight back in the world of playing. 

We could clearly see that people were missing the challenge, entertainment, and a quality day out. It was an amazing feeling to know that people didn’t forget about our Manchester escape room and were ready to come out and play. Humans love playing, no matter the age! 

We Forgot the Codes… 

There was only one mishap with the reopening, though. During the six months of closure, I completely forgot the codes. As we had all the rooms booked; The Dark Ages, The Endless Energy and The Forger, we had a lot of locks to reset to the original code. Remembering all of them seemed to be a challenge for me. As we used to have daily games booked, I simply didn’t see the point in writing down the codes and the games. I had to think hard to remember the codes and the different clues. I almost also forgot what is in the safe… 

Come And Play, Try Our New Rooms

Of course, I do know what is in the safe, but I can’t tell you. The good news is that you come and play in our breakout rooms in Manchester, and if you successfully solve all the puzzles, the contents of the safe will reveal themselves. Yes, this includes our latest room: “Endless Energy”, which is extremely popular among players. 

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