What not to do in escape rooms?

What not to do in escape rooms?

We have already talked about several key things to do when you are in an escape room. However, until now we have not paid attention to telling you, what are the things to avoid doing during your 60-minute game. Some of them may sound quite evident to you but believe us, we compile them into one article for a reason.

Some people simply do not know how to behave in an escape room and that can often ruin the experience for others. That is a quite simple way to get your family or friends upset with you, and maybe eventually get ejected from the escape room, moreover, banned from it. So it is quite important not to do the things we mention in this list for the sake of you and your team having a great, fun experience together.

Not paying attention to the game master

Listening to the game master is extremely important in order to successfully get out of the room in 60 minutes. Not only the game master is there to help you understand the story behind the theme of the room and explain the general rules regarding the game and safety instructions, but might also give you some hints and clues to help you find your way out faster. Not listening to the game master, therefore, is very irresponsible and can actually set you back from a successful escape game.

Using your phone

You should never use your phone in an escape room for two reasons. One is that by using your phone your attention will be diverted and you cannot concentrate on the game. Whether you are having a phone conversation or texting someone, you are either disturbing others or letting them down in their escape room adventure. The other reason is that you are not living the whole experience. You may be tempted to find answers to riddles on Google, but believe us, it is better if you first think about it for a minute or two - the feeling you have after figuring out something on your own is priceless. In case you are really stuck and you do not want to waste your time, just ask the game master for help.

Taking photos inside the room is forbidden, we do not want to ruin the game for future players, don’t we?


Again, this might sound very obvious, but we have seen a couple of arguments and fights in our rooms. Just like when you play board games, players can be very excited to win and can get angry if things do not go smoothly during the game. Arguing is really not a solution to any problem in an escape room, as you have limited time to get out and each minute is very precious.

The only thing arguing is good for is to ruin your and others’ enjoyment of the experience. Escape rooms are friendly, fun places, pay attention to stick to these vibes and avoid having an argument with your teammates. Good and effective communication is key in an escape room!

Refuse to communicate

The whole point of escape games is to play them together, as a team. And in a good and successful team, members communicate with each other, they even share the tiniest details of the room to be sure if it is a clue or not. It might be tempting to keep a riddle or locket for yourself to figure out alone how it can help you further, but you might just end up losing time and again: ruin the whole experience. Remember to play as a team and you stand much better to chase success if you all work together.

More things to avoid in escape rooms?

And that is the first part of our list....well part of it. Come back in a few days to see what we have compiled together to avoid doing in an escape room. Until then, if you need some practice, try getting out of one of our Manchester escape rooms and see if you can avoid doing the things we mentioned on this list.


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