Why an escape room Christmas gift is the best?

Why an escape room Christmas gift is the best?

As the title suggests, the festive season is right at the corner. Slowly, the first Christmas trees are popping up and we will are all going to be humming All I want for Christmas endlessly, whether we want it or not. Malls might be closed for now, but we could already see massive online advertising targeting early-shoppers who prefer avoiding the crowd and rush around Christmas and buy presents well in advance.

Why is that? Every year, Christmas gift offers are on the table beginning from late October, companies are already bombarding us with a variety of products. A regular Christmas gift idea is dumping up on everyone’s emails and social media feeds. So all we can do is jump on this trend and help with a Christmas gift idea for those who are thinking so (wisely) in advance. Why not an escape room Christmas gift?

To whom to buy an escape room Christmas gift?

To anyone who wants to give an experience rather than a toaster. This is an excellent gift idea for groups of friends and family members as well, as teamwork forges the escaping team, we have to brainstorm together and solve tasks. Great fun guaranteed!

It is also a perfect gift for a corporate Christmas. Nowadays, the secret Santa is the accepted thing in many companies. If you just pulled out the guy from marketing with whom you didn’t talk 2 words all year then, you don’t have to guess their favorite hobby or interest while salivating through their Facebook page. Surely they would like a fun experience with their partner or friends and family. Chances are they have had such a program and loved it, or if not, then you can be the one who they can thank for finding a new hobby. If you know each other well you can also give a little wink and let them know that you would be happy to escape together. Let's not forget that after all, it can still be perfect to surprise our loved ones with a truly unique experience for their birthday.

Why choose us?

The first reason is the universes (also known as rooms) we can take you to. Discover the secrets that release the magical sword of Excalibur in The Dark Ages, spot original art among the mass off counterfeits in The Forger, or save humankind by finding the right solution in The Endless Energy.

Who doesn’t love discounts? Show us your NHS or student card, and you are directly better off playing in one of our escape rooms. Do you want us to make your birthday, anniversary, or hen party unforgettable? Let us hide the gift, all you have to do is to have fun finding it!

Thinking of getting an escape room voucher but not sure when your loved one could use it? Do not worry, our gift cards are valid for a whole year to make sure everyone can find the right time to escape!

We hope to see you soon with your friends and family in one of the best escape rooms in Manchester!



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