Why are online escape rooms are on the rise?

Why are online escape rooms are on the rise?

It has been almost a year since the WHO declared Covid-19 as a pandemic. Surely it has been a rough year for everyone, many businesses shut down, and a lot of them changed their business plan entirely. As the most enthusiastic escape roomers have witnessed, the industry has also completely shifted to online business. But what makes online escape rooms so entertaining?

An online escape room is still an escape room

From our experience and the feedback we received from our escape gamers, we can say that online escape rooms are just as fun as the real ones. The core ideas of an escape room have been perfectly transmitted through the online interface, you still have to find hidden clues, solve riddles, and open (virtual) locks to advance in the game. Online escape rooms can also provide that great feeling of accomplishment, especially when you solved problems with the power of teamwork.

Online escape rooms prepare you for physical ones

If you haven’t been to actual escape rooms, online ones are a great opportunity to discover the mechanism these games are based on. Completing several online escape rooms allow you to learn about how these games work and train your brain so when the possibility is given, you can excel in real games. And the best part is that you can take your time, the 60-minute limit in physical escape rooms

A fun way to spend time with others

May it be lockdown or curfew, our options to have fun with our loved ones are limited. Online escape rooms give us the possibility to forget everything that goes on around us and focus on spending quality time with our loved ones. For that hour or two, all we have to think of is the solutions for riddles, finding hidden clues, and deciphering codes in order to advance in the game. The point is, as usual, to have fun and probably this is something that we need the most in these hard times.

It is online, it is safe!

One of the key advantages of an online escape room is that you can enjoy the game in a safe environment, moreover, you can play with friends or family who live abroad. All you have to do is to print out the sent material, connect to the online interface and from there you are ready to go!

Do you think you would give it a try? Try our online escape room now, and see if you could get out! Don’t forget to share your experience with us on our social media platforms!


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